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What Is the Process for Migrating from Wix to Shopify?

Migrating from Wix to Shopify There are many options for company owners to choose from when it comes to hosting and managing their online sh...

Migrating from Wix to Shopify

There are many options for company owners to choose from when it comes to hosting and managing their online shop. Reviews and ideas found online are relied upon by many folks when making a pick.

Some eCommerce platforms are more suited to large corporations, while others work better for smaller ones. Choosing the correct eCommerce platform is crucial if you want to set your company up for success in the long run. Regarding powerful eCommerce platforms, Wix and Shopify are the two most famous website builders.

What steps are involved in switching from Wix to Shopify? You may need a more extensive, feature-rich website as your current Wix-built online business expands. Moving from Wix to Shopify is now a genuine possibility. On the other hand, Wix provides more than 120 eCommerce-appropriate templates, all free of charge.

How to migrate from Wix to Shopify

Wix to Shopify

Changing the domain name and website structure when migrating from Wix to Shopify is standard practice. Making a few tweaks before migrating from Wix to Shopify will ensure that your website's SEO settings and Google search ranking remain unchanged.

Register with Shopify

Before entering the online business, you should join Shopify and learn about its characteristics and functionalities. To create an account or log in, provide a contact email address specific for billing purposes

Personalize your homepage

The second step in the process is to personalize your theme. Shopify has an in-house theme shop where you can purchase premium designs and a library of various themes for free and paid ones. The last approach is to utilize an existing theme and modify it accordingly. Following this decision, the introduction of the required elements follows.

Add new pages

The first stage in web development is designing and personalizing the homepage. The second one is adding pages. All pages must have content, forms, media assets (images and videos), and pertinent links.

Transfer all of your Wix store information to Shopify

Make sure the content from your Wix store can be easily moved to Shopify if you want your Shopify site to generate money. Use the sidebar to manually add goods with details, pricing, and SEO settings. If your product catalog is not extensive, this method is convenient.

When you have a lot of products, moving them from Wix to Shopify is a piece of cake. The control panel makes it easy to export data to a CSV file. Importing client lists and other pertinent material from your website is as easy as repeating the procedure. As it turns out, this approach is both intricate and laborious.

Preview your result

Inspect each page carefully after exporting product material to ensure a successful export. Before adding further details about your things, ensure all the spaces are filled out correctly and there are no gaps. A sizable online business owner should install an app notifying customers of the current inventory and expected arrival time.

Selecting Shopify Migration Service Offered by the Development Company

Selecting Shopify Migration Service

Changing from Wix to Shopify can take hundreds of things into consideration, and you will be able to manage all the stages by yourself if you only learn how every platform works on a fundamental level. Otherwise, many website transfer services are available.

Hiring a Wix to Shopify migration agency to execute the task is recommended if you prefer to avoid manual Wix-to-Shopify migration. This variant is a choice between online services that provide automatic website migration and the work of Shopify professionals who will carry out these stages individually.

Besides, a Shopify development agency will ensure your successful migration from Wix to Shopify. Therefore, you should not worry about the disadvantages of these two methods above but be relieved by their results.


In terms of building a vast, complex eCommerce site with dozens of functionalities, opting for a feature-rich platform is necessary. Wix and Shopify are well-known platforms you can use to develop a web store. It all depends on your eCommerce requirements and specifications for Wix to Shopify migration services.

Although Wix is a tremendous site-building tool for newbie store owners, Shopify also has its predecessor. Changing it to Shopify will be an appropriate and beneficial solution if you currently utilize a Wix-powered store and want to add more characteristics. This is not to say that Wix isn’t a good eCommerce platform. This is because Shopify represents the dedicated eCommerce platform initially built to create large online hypermarkets.

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